How does
Hydronic Heating work?
The only heating solution we believe in!
Hydronic heating is simple. One boiler heats up water that is then distributed through small pipes to panel radiators, towel warmers or the floor itself to gently warm up your house.

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Imagine coming back to the house you always dreamed of!
Warm and cosy.
Hydronic heating is like changing seasons from winter to summer without needing to escape north in July. It all happens once you open the door and can sense the warmth that emanates from each corner of your house!
That's cosiness. That's Hydronic Heating!

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Why Choose
Hydronic Heating


Hydronic heating due to its innovation and technology, together with flexible zone control become the most efficient way to heat your house and control your bills



Globalisation has made hydronic heating more affordable than ever before. Benefits like efficiency, reduction in running costs and healthier living add extra value to every house



Panel radiators are heated gently by warm water, making them ideal for environments with children and pets. There are no hazardous electrical connections, exposed flames or fumes



Hydronic heating prevents introduction and circulation of dust and particles (allergens and pollen) to your house. This makes it a healthier heating choice for allergy sufferers



Our boilers are built to be highly efficient while consuming minimum resources. Lower energy consumption means less emissions making SNUG Hydronic Heating an Earth-friendly choice


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