About Us

About Us

Firstly, we moved to the windy Warrnambool, Victoria, for other reasons. Simply, to have a fantastic time with our kids and enjoy a coastal lifestyle.

Then, winter struck on us. It was a long, wet and miserable time. There were sunny days, not enough of them, that reminded us how beautiful it is here. But there were many evenings huddling near a heater, rotating so that the body part could take a turn defrosting. Bracing ourselves as we stepped out of the shower. Winter was long and we decided to take action!

We wanted to stay warm and enjoy our home activities.
We wanted our house to be cozy. The place you want to come home to.
We wanted it to be safe, efficient and easy. There was only one heating solution.

Now we are happier. We know that cold, wet and miserable days can also be nice thanks to our hydronic heating, that has transformed our home into oasis of gentle warmth. We could hear so many of you praising our hydronic heating and wishing to have it installed. So, we decided to bring it!

SNUG Hydronic Heating is based in Warrnambool, Victoria and is supported by over 20 years of Solar Hydronics experience.

Hydronic heating is an unbelievably efficient, economical and affordable due to improvements introduced to modern boilers and radiators. It is also healthy, environmentally friendly and silent when operating.

Please do not hesistate to contact us. We will look after you with our hydronic heating.
We bet you will love your next winter!

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